Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What is needed for my installation?

  Materials needed for installations varies widely to say the least. However, for each type of installation there is usually a narrowing of

  options. When a particular product and installation is arrived at, then we can give a breakdown as to what is needed and why.

Should I be concerned about clearances?

  Clearances should always be a top priority. In all the installation instructions and manuals clearances are clearly defined. When not

  clearly defined then national fire codes may need to be followed. In all cases, clearances and safety should be first priority.

Roof Penetrations

  Frequently, venting must go vertically a roof for an installation and many types of roof types must be addressed for a good quality

  outcome to be achieved. We are well versed at all types of roof types and have become foremost experts in this area. 26 years of

  experience have made us capable in all areas of venting installations.


  Seldom does our work introduce leaks but we are experts at finding and repairing them if already have one or some in your venting

  system or chimney. Call us for help.

Gas lines

  Often, our work requires extending gas service to a fireplace, fire pit, grill or stove. We have experience doing this for over 26 years and

  you can feel confident with our work.


  Most gas appliances and all wood burning appliances require some sort of venting and we are experts at determining whether the

  venting is correct on a stove or fireplace for the situation or not. If you have concerns or outright problems, call us to check and see what

  can be done to remedy the problem.




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